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Who doesn't like to laugh? Other than the most serious individuals, most of us like to break up the day with some good humor. It's a much better alternative than crying as a way to exercise those facial muscles. This basic human need to let go of the day to day worries and have good belly laugh is the number one reason why comedy has been a booming business worldwide. You can locate numerous comedy stations on internet radio.

You can witness comedy almost anywhere you travel in your daily life. When you're riding the bus, you might overhear two young teenage boys cracking jokes to each. Then, when you get home, you turn on the television and you see that a situation comedy is on. Comedy is an intrinsic part of our lives and comedy radio is just one part of the comedy spectrum, but it's a direct infusion of comic relief that you can access instantly thanks to the advent of internet radio and readily available internet connections.

Comedy has been broadcast since the invention of the radio and had its zenith in the era prior to television with shows like "Amos and Andy" and "The Jack Benny Program", but it is flourishing once again with online radio. Stand up comedy is the norm now, rather than the serial type comedies of yesterday. Quite frequently, when someone tells a joke and you ask where they first heard it, they will often tell you they listened to it on radio. You can find a variety of comedy shows on your favorite internet radio station. So what is it about comedy radio that everyone loves so much?

Well, it might be an unusual thing to love about comedy radio, but when you think about it, mobility is really a great advantage of comedy radio. You do not have to stay seated at your couch with your eyes glued to the television so that you can enjoy your favourite sitcom. With comedy radio, you just turn the radio on and continue what you were doing. If you have a smart phone, you can tune in to your favourite internet radio comedy channel and transmit it directly to your car's radio to enjoy during your daily commute. You just might suddenly burst out laughing while washing your dishes because you just heard some amusing joke on internet radio, thus easing the burden of your chores.

Let's be realistic. Being free, adds to the allure of comedy radio. You do not have to pay to have fun and laugh until your stomach aches and there are no access or entrance fees. All you have to do to get access to it is turn on your smart phone or computer and find the station of your choice. All you have to do is tune in, and enjoy the show.

If you are bored with the comedy that you see on television or on the shows around your area, then radio comedy is for you. A lot of people are fans of the Three Stooges type of slapstick humor, if you are not one of them then give comedy radio a test run. It involves the exchange of humor and wit in the use of entertaining monologues. It is a deeper brand of comedy than TV offers.

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Enjoying Comedy Radio

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This article was published on 2010/12/20